All-round cleaning Handheld Vacuum Cleaner XC-P01 Wireless

1.     One-key switch mode

4500Pa low-level operation for 40 minutesuse, 8000Pa medium-level operation for 20 minutes, 12000Pa high-level operationfor 10 minutes, and the mode can be selected according to needs.


2.Wireless portable car home dual use

Wireless and portable design, you can useit anywhere, car and home, two-speed vacuuming, choose at will.


3.All-round cleaning

With the crevice nozzle and the brush nozzle,the dust from the computer and the rubber shavings in the keyboard are allsucked away. Car, office, home, always keep clean and decent.


4.     Wireless portable car home dual use

Small size, large capacity, can hold 120mlof garbage at a time. Fast, convenient, and hands-free, visible, and there isno need to dust multiple times.


5.Washable reusable filter

Removable cleaning and purification filter,repeated use, more environmentally friendly


6.Type-C charging convenient and worry-free

USB charging, socket charging, computercharging.

There is no “wire” to upgrade theconvenient experience.


7.Light sound and quick suctionlong-lasting

The operating noise is less than 70dB(A),and it is equipped with a large-capacity 2500mAh power battery, which can effectivelyabsorb without worry.


8.Multiple international certification

China CMA certification, EU CEcertification, North American FCC certification

ROHS international environmentalcertification


Name Car vacuum cleaner Car vacuum cleaner
Model XC-P01 XC-01
Color Purple titanium silver White
Rated power 90W 70W
Charging voltage 5VDC 5VDC
Recharging current 2A 2A
Button One key start and stop One key start and stop
Motor voltage 7.4V 7.4V
Motor high-level speed Brushless motor: 80000rpm Saving mode: 27000rpm

Powerful mode: 37000rpm


Battery capacity 2500mAh 2000mAh
Vacuum suction 4500pa~12000pa 4000pa/6000pa
Battery life 4500pa mode/40min

8000pa mode/20min

12000pa mode/10min

4000pa mode/18min

6000pa mode/9min

Time required to fully charge 3.5h±0.5h 2.5h±0.5h
Battery temperature protection Yes Yes
Filter sponge HEPA washable HEPA washable
Dust bin capacity 120ml 120ml
Noise Less than 70dB(A) 70~95dB
Net weight About 500g About 600g
Main material ABS+PC ABS+PC
Product Size 315x72x72mm 315x72x72mm

Car vacuum cleaner Car vacuum cleaner-2 Car vacuum cleaner-3 Car vacuum cleaner-4 Car vacuum cleaner-5 Car vacuum cleaner-6 Car vacuum cleaner-7 Car vacuum cleaner-8 Car vacuum cleaner-10 Car vacuum cleaner-11 Car vacuum cleaner-12 Car vacuum cleaner-13 Car vacuum cleaner-14 Car vacuum cleaner-15 Car vacuum cleaner-16 Car vacuum cleaner-17

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