GMN2 OEM Manufacturer Mini Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Machine

1.     Compact and Portable

The size of a Bluetooth headset, small andportable.  Easy to carry in your bag orpocket, travel with no burden.


2.One switch operation

One switch operation.

5 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning


3.High frequency vibration cleaning

110KHz frequency, no residue, notoxicity.

More professional care, always care forcontact lenses.


4.Efficient removal of lacrimal protein

The dacryocybin removal efficiency was morethan 92.29%.

Authorized by China Analysis Institute,report number: ZX220507-210501-02


Name Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini
Item GMN1 GMN2
Color apricot apricot
Rated Power 2W 2W
Rated Voltage DC 5V DC 5V
Rated Current 110KHz 110KHz
Cleaning tank capacity 5ml 5ml
  Single run time 5 minutes
Battery capacity / 150mAh (UN38.3, MSDS)
Endurance time/times / 25±5 minutes/5±1 times
Time to fully charge / 1.5h
Circuit board

current protection

Yes Yes
Waterproof and Dustproof Yes Yes
Noise less than 30dB(A) less than 30dB(A)
Net weight about 60g about 60g
Main material HIPS+Food grade antibacterial ABS HIPS+Food grade antibacterial ABS
Main application Clean contact lenses Clean contact lenses
Product dimension 63x42x40mm 63x42x40mm
Plastic cleaning tank

inside dimension 

45x20x10mm 45x20x10mm
Executive standard GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.1-2005

Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-1 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-2 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-3 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-4 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-5 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-6 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-7 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-8 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-9 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-10 Ultrasonic Contact Lenses Cleaner Mini-11

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