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“Love Clean, Use EraClean”, found in 2015, to provide consumers with a full-scene one-stop clean life experience,EraClean research and develop of innovative clean appliances.“Clean face,clean clothes, clean food, clean living, clean travel the EraClean built around the five scenes of the user’s life, to satisfy the diverse cleaning needs of consumer life

By 2025, Eraclean will have launched at least 50 innovative clean products with exclusive patents, serving more than 10million users in the clean space, consumers can find all-round cleaning service in the five life scenes of“Face, clothing, food shelter and transportation”in Eraclean.

Guangdong EraClean Technology Co.,Ltd.


As one of the reliable household cleaning suppliers. All of products from EraClean are clinically proven to disinfect daily necessary products and ensure a healthy life. We use high-quality materials and mechanisms to manufacture our products. These products can ensure the safety of you and your family. They have an eye-appealing design and compact size to fit in different scenarios. These products are safe to use and do not cause any harm to nature as well. They are easy to use and do not make noise which ensures a healthy and sound living environment.

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EraClean is a well-known brand in the household cleaning suppliers industry. Since the establishment of the company, EraClean has been supplying cleaning products all around the globe. We are famous for our outstanding quality and unique production of cleaning products. EraClean is widely known for its different approaches towards society. We believe that everyone should live a healthy life. For this reason, EraClean continues to develop wholesale household cleaning supplies. EraClean has a large amount of wholesale household cleaning supplies in its collection. We are focused on developing 5 major household cleaning appliances. The 5 major categories are household ultrasonic cleaners, odor eliminators, air purifiers, personal care and kitchen appliances.

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As one of the experienced household cleaning suppliers, we have an experienced team of designers and engineers who are responsible for the overall quality of the products. Along with that, we have our own manufacturing company that gives us an extra opportunity to provide quality over price. EraClean understands that the needs of people change with time. For this reason, we research every cause and develop our products according to global needs. We have around 100 cleaning product patents and there are more to come.


EraClean has obtained nearly 100 patents in the fields of ultrasonic cleaning, special filter, odor removal, disinfection, etc. Many products have obtained multiple international certifications, including but not limited to China CMA certification, EU CE certification, North America FCC certification, ROHS international environmental protection certification, MSDS material safety certification, personnel, the current R & D team in charge of each category have nearly 20 years of industry experience. We have a laboratory of nearly 1000 square meters, which includes performance, safety, reliability, life and other tests for each category of the company.

EraClean makes a great effort to ensure the quality of its products, making it one of the most dependable producers of home cleaning products worldwide. These products are globally certified and each product is tested before sending them to the customers. We follow strict quality standards and each product has to pass the quality test. Aside from the outstanding quality of the products we also assure safe and fast delivery. EraClean has a trusted and wide distribution chain, which helps us to provide wholesale household cleaning supplies all around the globe. This is one of the reasons why EraClean is considered one of the most reliable household cleaning suppliers.

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To learn more about EraClean wholesale household cleaning supplies, please contact us at +86-760-23236797 or Email us at mochunhua@eraclean.com.

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